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Best Reflective Journal Sample

Reflective Journal Sample as a Writing Tool

reflective journal sampleReflective journals are common in many academic fields such as healthcare and education where studies are both theory and practice-based. Reflective writing not only considers the subject matter being studied but also encourages students to examine the learning process itself. By contemplating their practice based experiences and writing these reflections in a journal, a student can analyze their experiences including their reactions and thoughts and improve their learning experience.

Some of the benefits of reflective journaling include:

  • Connecting theory and practice: Reflection writing allows you to see the connections between theory and practice more clearly
  • Identify and clarify what you do and don’t know: Reflective journal writing is a good way to pinpoint what areas you are lacking in and what your strong points are
  • Promotes deeper thinking: Reflective writing forces you to think more carefully about what you did, how did it, and why you did it. This, in turn, leads to did I do it the best way and how could I do it better

When reflective journals are evaluated, instructors are looking for your reactions to an experience and how you analyzed and reflected on it to learn something and relate it to your classroom studies. Reviewing a good reflective journal sample is one method to learn how to write a reflective journal.

example of reflective journal writing sample of reflective journal

Where to Find a Good Reflective Journal Sample

reflective journal exampleGood reflection journal examples from the same field can be used by students to get an idea about reflective journal structure and content. A basic reflective journal template for students is shown here:

  • Experience description: Start with a description of the experience. Describe what happened without coming to any conclusions. This is what you will reflect on.
  • Describe what you felt: What was your reaction to the experience and how did you feel about it?
  • Evaluate: What was positive or negative about the experience? This is the section where you can make value judgments
  • Analysis: What do you make of the situation? What knowledge do you have from outside the experience that can help you determine what happened?
  • Conclusions: What can be concluded from these experiences and the analyses you have done? What did you learn?

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Reflective Writing Help from Samples to Completed Assignments

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